I usually have lots of fun on April Fool's Day. I liked to prank the members of the message board I owned, ODB. This year, I decided to prank a little closer to home. My husband. Kevin is very easy going and I knew he'd be a good sport.

First, I signed into one of my barely used GMail accounts. Then I signed up for a new Google Voice number*. Google Voice gave me an anonymous number that I could text from.

Next, I found a website I could use with good facts about DOGS. Now I could easily copy and paste these facts into a text message to my unsuspecting spouse.

My first text to him under my anonymous number was:

"Thank you for signing up for DOG facts! You will receive 1 fact each hour! To cancel, reply with CANCEL. "


I knew he'd get the texts right away. Like many of us, his phone stays attached to his hand!


Then I started texting dog facts at random intervals. I didn't even wait an hour. Rules, schmooles!


(These are screenshots from his phone since I was using Google Voice. The gray bubbles are from ME)


Funny right? Right? Not really. He wasn't responding at all. So, I texted more.



COOL! He got an automatic FREE upgrade. Doesn't matter. I was sending dog facts every 15 minutes or so anyway.



At this point, he decided to ask his dear wife. ME. In these images, he is the gray and I am the BLUE bubbles since these are screenshots from my phone.



Inside I giggled. But I had to play it off.



I convinced him to text cancel or stop. I just wanted him to communicate with DOG FACTS. So he did.



And now he's got it figured out right? Let's get this thing canceled!!



OH NOES! An upgrade? For money? Po' Kebbin.

At this point, I thought he'd had enough, and probably wouldn't text DOG FACTS back, so it was time to end the game.

Ro: @xlovero, fb | Kev: @kosmik

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*Note: The number used for this prank has already been discarded.